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A revolutionary technology that changes our body from the inside out

You are 72% Water, the Type of Water You Drink ABSOLUTELY MATTERS

Kangen means ‘Return to Origin’ in Japanese. Kangen Water® is alkalized water produced by Enagic’s ionizer and water filtration machines. For more than 49 years, this water has been uses in Japan to help restore the body to it’s original, alkaline state + create a low-tox sanctuary inside the home with it’s 5 different types of water it creates.


What Makes it So Unique?

Learn about the major properties of Kangen Water & Why it’s the Best Option for Superior Hydration.


Major Properties of Kangen Water

Rich in Active Molecular Hydrogen + Negative Orp

Active hydrogen molecules neutralize active oxygen (free-radicals) in our body. Simply put, the more free-radicals we neutralize, the more toxins we are able to flush out of the body. Active hydrogen creates an alkaline buffer in our system so when we consume acidic foods, the become neutralized. 

Learn how Kangen Water (molecular hydrogen rich water) can help with oxidative stress, neurodegenerative and gastrointestinal dis-eases, diabetes, and more HERE. 


When you drink water that contains fewer molecules, electrolyzed reduced (micro-clustered) water such as Kangen water, you can hydrate your body much more quickly and efficiently. This type of water also enhances energy production, improves overall aerobic capacity, and prevents premature aging.  Due to the smaller molecules, they are able to penetrate the cell walls more efficiently, preventing against acidic buildup from years of metabolizing food (carrying oxygen in and waste out).  Kangen water is easily absorbed into the intestines to help carry toxins out of the colon. 


Alkaline rich water helps to balance our ph levels which tend to run acidic due to consuming foods high in acidity as well as toxin exposure from our environment. Learn more HERE on the difference between Alkaline and Alkalized water.

Over time, ‘alkaline’ water can be harmful to health due to the chemicals added in the alkaline process. Kangen DOES NOT use chemicals. Instead, it naturally ALKALIZES the water through a process of electrosis and transforming the water through built in platinum plates. 

In short, Kangen water is electronically reduced, active molecular hydrogen rich performance drinking water that boosts many health benefits by providing a natural source of anti-oxidation from the inside out. Lasting health starts with clean intestines. With incomparable oxidation reduction potential, micro-clusters of water molecules, and it's alkalinity combined, make Kangen water incredible for hydrating the body and managing acidosis. 

Strong Kangen  11.5

Kangen Water 8.5-9.5

Clean Water 7.0

Beauty Water 6.0

Strong Acidic 2.5

Let’s Dive In Deeper! Everything you want to know in one downloadable PDF below.

Kangen K8
In addition to the 5 different settings for ph levels, Kangen machines come with a built in filter that filters out 99% of chlorine, rust, and lead. Any molecule .05% or larger will get trapped in the filter.  Other filters are easily added if desired. 
Through proper care, Kangen machines will live at least  25 years and even longer if taken care of!
Want to dive in deeper? Check out this mini masterclass on all things Kangen HERE. 

Drop me a line if you would like more information on a Kangen or if you are ready to invest in your own machine!

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