A Practical Roadmap for Introducing Eco-Living, Sustainability, and Health into Your Home.  

11.5 Strong ph Kangen Water

  1. Good night sleep: Drink 1 oz of 11.5 water before bedtime to induce the body’s natural production of Melatonin. 
  2. Eye wash: Rinse eyes with eye cup. When removing eye cup from packaging, soak in 2.5 strong acidic water for 1-2 minutes to disinfect. Then rinse cup thoroughly with high alkaline 11.5 water. Fill cup per instructions with 11.5 ph water, place over open eye and carefully lean back. With eye open, look to right and left, up and down and allow water to permeate for 1 minute. When finished with eye, repeat process to disinfect cup with 2.5 ph, then rinse with 11.5 ph.  Repeat same process for other eye. To maintain healthy eyes, maintain this this protocol 1-3 times a week. If working to improve an eye condition, repeat this process at least twice a day up to 10x a day as needed. 
  3. Grease in eye: Spray 11.5 to spray and heal as needed
  4. Makeup remover: Spray on eyes to remove makeup
  5. Puffy eyes: Spray on eyes to reduce puffiness
  6. Hot bath soak: Use 1 gallon off 11.5 added at the end of drawing a bath. This will replace Epson salt to soothe soreness and draw out toxins.  Even better used alongside Anespa Spa bath. 
  7. Allergies, Cold Symptoms, Snoring: When sinuses are plugged, use as a nasal wash. This technique also helps with snoring as it reduces inflammation in nasal passages. 
  8. Hangovers/Migraines: Drink to prevent hangovers. When feeling a migraine come on, drink several ounces.
  9. Heartburn, Indigestion, Food Poisoning, Stomach Flu: Drink a quarter cup of fresh 11.5 immediately followed by 25 ounces of 9.5, then do not eat or drink anything for 45 minutes. Repeat the following day only if necessary. 
  10. Bug spray repellent, Sunburn, Pain, Bug Bites, Swelling: Spray or soak areas with towel soaked in 11.5. Keep adding small amounts of 11.5 to keep wet for a minimum of 30 minutes 2x a day. Even better is 1 hour, 2x a day. 
  11. Arthritis, Gout, Muscle Soreness, or Tissue in Injuries: High alkalinity pulls out toxins. Utilize 11.5 to soak and draw out acids associated with inflammation and injuries. 
  12. Stroke: If feeling stroke coming on, drink as much as possible to counter any acidosis causing the stroke. 
  13. Chemotherapy: Drink the water with chemo and the side effects will be lessoned. It reverses metabolic acidosis and antioxidants are great during chemo. Use also on skin from any burns resulting from chemo. 
  14. Ice Cubes: Help offset acidic drinks. 
  15. Fruits and Veggies: Soak for a minimum of 5 minutes to pull off any pesticides. This is great to prolong produce!
  16. Rice, Legumes, Beans: Soak for 5-10 minutes and rinse clean with low flow 9.5
  17. Laundry soap: Use 1-2 quarts per load in place of laundry soap. Works great on greasy clothes as well. 
  18. Stain on clothes, Rugs, Carpets: Use as a degreaser. Soak the area and let sit for 10-20 minutes, then blot out of carpet and wash if laundry stain using the 11.5 (see step 17)
  19. Polish Silver: Soak and polish. 
  20. Paint thinner: After using oil based paint, use to clean up. 
  21. Use instead of Goo-Gone: Removes greasy, gooey, gummy, and sticky.
  22. Clean oven, Clogged sinks, and Tubs: Clean with scratch pad. Replaces cleaner when dissolving grease and grime. Use instead of Drano for clogged sinks. 


2.5 Strong Acidic Water

  1. Kill all microbes: Pre-rinse all produce and let sit for 1 minute before soaking in 11.5. This kills all microbes. This also kills MRSA and infections. 
  2. Disinfecting: Use to disinfect anything. Replace household cleaners. 
  3. Anti-bacterial soap: Use in place of. 
  4. Hard water spots and Rust: Cleans hard water spots off chrome and rust off metal. 
  5. Vomiting: To stop vomiting, take 1-2 tablespoons. 
  6. Facial tightening and lifting: Spray face and neck, not eyes. Brush stroke upward until dry.
  7. Brush, Gargle, prevent periodontal disease and root canals: Afterwards, wait 1 minute than rinse mouth for 30 seconds with 9.5 to restore natural ph. 
  8. Open wounds, burns, infections, stop bleeding, kill candida: Kills bacteria and pathogens. Use on open cuts to help stop bleeding. Clean twice daily until healed. Do not use any other ointments as they attract microbes by keeping area moist and sticky.
  9. Infected Sinuses: Spray in nose 2x a day for 2 days. Wait 2 minutes, then flush with 11.5
  10. Pink eye: Spray infected eye several times throughout day and it will clear up. 
  11. Poison ivy: Spray on infected area as needed. Will slow itching and dry up poison ivy quicker.
  12. Moles and warts: Any abnormalities on skin try soaking with 2.5 on a gauze pad with a bandaid. Change once per day. May need 30-60 days before seeing results. 
  13. Fever blisters, cancer sores: Spray or gargle to stop and dry up both. 
  14. Nail fungus: Spray twice a day or soak. 
  15. Sore throat, strep throat, cough: Gargle 3-4 times per day or spray direct into throat. 


7.0 Clean Water 

  1. Drink with meals only if necessary.
  2. Use when making baby formula
  3. Pets: Use on skin to help restore  their natural ph levels, especially if skin is irritated and itchy. 


6.0 Beauty Water (ph similar to rain water)

  1. Facial Soap: Clean face twice a day. Spray after cleaning. 
  2. Tone Skin: Use as final rinse in shower or bath to tone and tighten. 
  3. Hair Conditioner: Spray hair after showing. This naturally conditions hair. Try not to use conditioner as this coats the hair. 
  4. Pets: Spray on their coat for a nice shine.
  5. Rashes, Diaper Rash: Spray on skin to sooth rashes including diaper. 
  6. Plants: Water indoor and outdoor plants for vigorous growth. Can bring dying plants back to life  with 6.0
  7. Freezing food: Spray on food before freezing so it retains its flavor. 
  8. Pasta: Use to boil pasta. 
  9. Fabric Softener: Use in rinse cycle during laundry. 1 gallon per load. 
  10. Eye glasses: Clean lenses. 
  11. Anthocyanins: Wash and prepare fruits and veggies that contain anthocyanins. (plums, grapes, cherries, strawberries, red cabbage, eggplant, soy beans, asparagus)
  12. Hardwood floors and Ceramic tiles: Polish and housekeeping- hardwood floors, ceramic tiles, etc
  13. Replace glass cleaner: Replace and window and mirror cleaners with 6.0 Beauty water. 


8.5-9.5 Water

  1. Drink: Drink 3.5 L a day. Start with 8.5, after a week move to 9.0, then 9.5. Replace coffee in the morning: upon waking, drink 1L of water for natural energy. 
  2. Pets: They can safety have 8.5. Animals love it!
  3. Stir-fry: Stir-fry with 9.5 to steam
  4. Vision: Can improve eye vision. 
  5. Grey hair: Often can return original hair color. 
  6. Weight loss: Most people are dehydrated so they mistake that as hunger. Drink before you snack and eat meals. Wait 30 minutes and eat meal, or if still hungry eat snack. 
  7. Soups: Cook all soups with 9.5 water. 
  8. Spider Veins: Over time by drinking the water and repairing cells, spider veins can improve. 
  9. Aroma therapy/Spritzer: Put any herb or essential oil such as lavender or rosemary in spray bottle with kangen water, let sit for a couple of hours and use as a spray around the home. 

Getting Started with Kangen Water

For people just starting out drinking this water, it is recommended to start with the 8.5 setting.  Drink this for a week, and if there is no gastrointestinal upset, then move up to 9.0.  Repeat for another week and if successful, then move up to 9.5 for the full alkaline benefits.  It has been observed that the most magical benefits from the water occur when someone drinks 3/4 of their body weight in ounces per day regularly so don’t be shy.. it’s quite tasty!

** When eating meals, it is best to drink the alkaline water 30 minutes before a meal and 30 minutes after the meal to not interfere with the stomach acid that is necessary for us to break down our food.  If water is desired to drink during the meal, simply drink the clean 7.0 water. 

Cleansing Symptoms

On occasion, symptoms may come up when just starting out drinking the alkaline water. This is your body releasing toxins which is a good thing! Symptoms can include: headaches, body aches, skin eruptions, loose bowels, etc.  If any come up for you, it is recommended to increase the consumption of water to aid in pushing out toxins faster to release them. If symptoms do not go away, then try to dial back on the ph level to a more comfortable setting for now.  For example, if symptoms were noticable on the 9.0 setting and didn’t get better with increased consumption, then simply go back to the 8.5 setting until they pass. 

Skin Condition Remedies

Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema, Rashes, and Burns: 

  1. Wash with high alkaline 11.5 water to get rid of excess oils on skin. 
  2. Cleanse with non soap cleanser and 6.0 mildly acidic ‘Beauty water.’
  3. Use a cotton ball or pad to dab 2.5 strong acidic water on any active blemishes or broken skin.
  4. Tone with mist of 6.0 in small glass spray bottle.
  5. Repeat morning and nighttime.
  6. Use mist throughout the day to keep skin hydrated. 

Diaper Rash:

  1. Cleanse with non soap cleanser and 6.0 mildly acidic ‘Beauty water.’
  2. Use a cotton ball or pad to dab 2.5 strong acidic water on any broken skin and let dry.
  3. Hydrate with mist of 6.0 in small glass spray bottle.
  4. Repeat after each diaper change.

Diaper rash begins with urine and feces that are very acidic. To prevent diaper rash, make sure your baby is properly hydrated with 8.5-9.5 alkaline drinking water. Replace wet wipes with a container filled with soft cloths or unbleached paper towels and 6.0 mild acidic water. Use to cleanse each area every time you do a diaper change. Pat dry and apply a light mist to the skin. This assists in keeping the ph levels balanced in the skin.

A cautionary tale for sweating:

Sweat is important for us to excrete toxins through our skin and stopping the process through the use of  antiperspiranant will cause a backlash on the lymphatic system.  If odor is of concern for you, use acidic 2.5 as a misting spray as needed throughout your day.  Keep a little travel bottle with you on more active days. 


Drop me a line if you would like more information on a Kangen or if you are ready to invest in your own machine!

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