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Below are the tools that save me precious time running my business that I highly recommend. Also, check out some of the holistic brands that I cannot live without!

My Top Business Tools For Running My Blog And Business



My #1 choice for email marketing. With beautiful templates for emails to choose from, customized automations for various stages of your marketing, and easy to use integrations for your website, this platform packs a big punch! This is your one-stop-shop for growing your audience and connecting with your fans while automating your business to the next level. 



This is a super affordable WordPress hosting that is very beginner friendly. Suitable for anyone who would like to use WordPress for their website and blog and would like to save as much money as they can. Plans start at just $2.65 a month!



Best choice for easy drag and drop designs to use for your social media posts or creating freebies. You don’t have to be a professional designer to make badass looking designs and templates at the snap of a finger. This is my go-to for anything graphic related!



For staying organized and planning out my projects, this is my favorite. Whether you’re a solopreneur or working with a big team, this platform does it all. I love how easy and intuitive it is to use and have my projects set up  in just minutes. No learning curve needed!


Squarespace Scheduling

If you want a hands off approach for clients and leads to schedule themselves on your calendar, then I recommend this platform. It’s super easy to sync with your website and is an absolute must if you are working with clients. 



Ready to take back more time in your day? Planoly can schedule all of your Instagram posts and stories for you for up to 30 days and even provide calendar layout so you can design your perfect visual grid ahead of time!

And Now For My Personal Faves...

Non Toxic Beauty and Wellness Products at Your Service!

Benefit Statement #1

You’re looking for ______. Let me help you do ______ by ______.

Benefit Statement #2

You’re looking for ______. Let me help you do ______ by ______.

Benefit Statement #3

You’re looking for ______. Let me help you do ______ by ______.

Most cosmetic brands unfortunately contain harmful ingredients. B.C offers an excellent solution for peace of mind in their products as they meticulously screen their ingredients for safety.
Beauty Counter
Makeup and Skincare
Cleaning just got more simple, affordable, and sustainable. B.B powerfully cleans with only the highest quality, natural ingredients. Toss the toxins with plant and mineral based solutions. Hypoallergenic.
Branch Basics
Natural Cleaning Supplies
This is my favorite air filter and the one I use in my bedroom. It works at the microscopic level filtering out mold, mycotoxins, bacteria, viruses, and smoke from fires. A must have for clean air!
Air Doctor
Best Air Filter For Your Home
Best affordable portable water system by far. The Berkey is the top of line for clean drinking water as it filters out fluoride, viruses, and bacteria that conventional filters do not.
Berkey Water System
Clean Water Filtration System
In a world that is increasingly becoming more connected, its vital to protect yourself and family against harmful EMF radiation. Here's what I use for all my electronics.
EMF Shields
Block harmful 4 and 5G radiation
In the past, 'Non Toxic' and 'Teeth Whitening' wouldn't never belonged in the same sentence.. until now. We proudly offer a safe solution for that brilliant smile of yours.
Non Toxic Teeth Whitening Kit
Beauty/Health Product
Full spectrum Charlotte's Web is the best in its class. This helped me tremendously to support healthy sleep cycles and management of everyday stresses.* My absolute go to!
If you're serious about your health and detoxing is a top priority, then an infrared sauna is a must! This was instrumental in my healing journey from mold. This combines both near and far infrared light.
Portable Sauna
Near Infrared Sauna
Invest in yourself with THE best spa infrared sauna on the market. With its gorgeous wood exterior, soothing light therapy, and acoustic surround sound, this is the GOLD standard of saunas!
Infrared Sauna
Your one-stop-shop for top of the line nutraceuticals that doctors recommend. Receive an automatic 10% off your order when you sign up. Shop recommended brands here.
Green juice simplified! Get 44 organic superfoods in just one scoop. Give your body what it needs to start your day right. Skip the shopping, juicing, and cleanup with this delicious juice!
Shop your favorite organic, non GMO brands for 1/2 the price. Personalize your diet and have it delivered straight to your door. Healthier choices for you and kinder on the planet, guaranteed.
Thrive Market
Organic Food Delivery

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