Transformation From Tap to Kangen Living Water Process


Step 1: Filtration

The internal High Grade Filter filters chlorine, unpleasant taste and odor, and reduces sediments up to 5 micrometers to produce Clean Water.

Additional filters are available and easy to install if desired.

Step 2: Electrolysis

The filtered water moves through several electrode plates and membranes, separating into acidic and alkaline parts. It is split into OH- (hydoxid ions) and H+ (hydrogen ions).

The hydrogen ions react with electons given by the cathode (- charged electrode), forming H2, molecluar Hydrogen. Hydroxid ions remain, making the water more alkaline around the cathode. 

Conversely, close to the anode (+ charged electrode), Hydroxid ions give electrons to the anode, eventually forming O2 (oxygen).

Hydrogen ions remain, making the water more acidic around the anode. The two kinds of water are separated by membranes and released through different hoses. 

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