I remember the day I knew I wanted to TEACH YOGA like it was yesterday.

Circa Mid December, 2010, I was deep in a heated power yoga flow and just settling into pigeon pose within the last 10 minutes of class.  As my body started to  release into full expression, tears started to profusely stream down my face.  This had never happened to me before! 

As I laid there trying to maintain composure, I realized I had so much that was pent up inside of me that I hadn’t given the full  attention it deserved as a means of facing and letting go.  Just like I was trying to ‘be quiet’ to not disrupt class, I had suppressed so much angst inside of me from a deeply troubled past relationship and right then and there it needed to be dealt with.  I gave myself permission to let go.  And it was incredibly cathartic beyond words. 

It was the day I learned that the true path to freedom was forgiveness and in that moment, I forgave it all and nourished myself wholly through deep, tender love and gratitude. It truly was a powerful moment for me that I will never forget.  And perhaps with that fresh on my heart, at the end of class my lovely teacher happened to announce the next teacher training and it indeed spoke to me.

I was already enrolled before she could even finish her speech. I knew I wanted to dive right in and make a career from something that was so life-changing for me.  Yoga found me when I was at my most vulnerable and was searching for a path to heal.  I did indeed heal and learned many powerful lessons along the way.  My bright eyed and bushy tailed Self couldn’t wait to share this gift to the world.

Fast forward several years and I felt the chains pulling me further into burnout.  I was teaching full time at FOUR different studios driving all over Los Angeles, PLUS having to side hustle various gigs to fill in the gaps and I was still barely making it, yet alone be able to put any money away to save.  It seemed like every time I would get ahead a little bit, some big unexpected expense would show up and pull me back in.

I loved teaching but my spark was slowly dwindling down and the sad state of my bank account was quite apparent.  Even though I had packed classes, I felt like a hypocrite  because I often didn’t have time left over for my own practice, let alone have money or time to travel which was something I felt I was missing out on. Precious time kept slipping away..

The irony is that freedom I once felt so true to my core, had become a distant memory.  And the sad reality was, my life-force… my PRANA, was struggling hard to keep up.  It was during this time, my health also started to decline.  I was always getting sick.  The downward spiral for me started to speed up until I couldn’t ignore it anymore. 

More often than not, the profound Breakthrough in life, comes out of a complete Breakdown.

My life changed when it HAD to and I finally stepped into full responsibility.  I took a year to backpack and travel around the globe once again, in search of ME.  My thirst of the digital nomad life was ignited during this time.  I was able to volunteer and teach classes in Costa Rica, scuba dive to my hearts content, motorbike around Bali and volunteer teaching English, train Muay Thai in Thailand, hike epic breathtaking trails in Kauai, explore plant medicine in Colombian ceremony in the middle of a jungle, and throw in some heart pounding, death defying waterfall cliff jumping in the mix for good measure. 🙂  I can’t help but smile so hard thinking about this!  I’m so freaking in LOVE with LIFE!!
This trip changed everything for me, but I came back super broke because I blasted through the little savings I had and exercised my ability to justify my credit cards. 
I knew I had to figure out a way to live the traveling lifestyle I wanted to experience AND make enough money so I can freely volunteer, give back, and teach what I love without having to worry about the financial struggle  of it all. It’s pretty clear to me that I have much more to give when I’m not a stressed out basket case. (insert ‘Captain Obvious’ moment here)
Truth be told, it was a lot harder to find than I thought.  I tried a lot of different avenues… online coaching, spending 100’s of hours developing programs with little payoff, digital marketing, sales, affiliate marketing… but I just kept hitting brick walls.  I was right back where I started, working an insane amount for a salary that again, didn’t allow me much freedom.
And worse, I was getting further away from my Truth and the life I knew was right for me. 
Then one day, the right opportunity showed up.  Flashback to the day I knew teaching Yoga was my path, this was equally crystal clear. 
And just like that, Kangen + Enagic, the opportunity, and amazing conscious community of global badasses standing for freedom and abundance in every way, have ignited my heart again and I’ve never looked back. 
THIS is everything I’ve been calling for.  THIS is allowing me to create the lifestyle around my core values and self expression that I’ve always dreamed of. 
It’s interesting how the typical career choice fosters the work/life balance.  Under most circumstances, we have to build our lifestyle around our career, often from default. 
And now, my career is built around my lifestyle, by design. This to me, is living in full truth and self expression… the ultimate freedom. 

Imagine waking up to a reality of what you used to dream about, living in full purpose and clarity, aligned and strong in your presence and voice, because you have everything you need to be the powerful creator of your life. 

Dear Beautiful Soul, I KNOW you understand the feeling of being able to share the gift of EXPANSION to others. Being witness to someone shedding what no longer serves them and stepping into their higher self is such a gift to be a part of. Thank you for giving so selflessly with love. 

But if your light is starting to dim and you feel the constraints of your limitations.. if you wish that you could create more of an impact in this world but don’t have the means, then I implore you to check in. What is it you want?

I’m here to open up a conversation with you anytime. Feel free to reach out and/or browse around this site and see how we bring the product, education, opportunity, and automated platform all together in a seamless package for you to dive into. 

You CAN live in Alignment and in Abundance at the same time.  In fact, they go hand in hand.

Much love…

Krysten  |  Abundant Yogi

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