If Your Digestive Mojo Isn't Functioning at its Optimal Best, Then You are Destined For Problems. 

Truth is.. You can never be healthy if your gut is in shambles.

Gut Health Challenge

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5 Day Gut Health Challenge

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Are you struggling with exhausting fatigue during the day? 

Issues trying to fall asleep or STAY asleep?

   Unexplained weight changes?

  How about random aches and pains in your muscles or joints?

Or maybe it's getting increasingly harder to concentrate and multitask the way your superheroine self used to?  


I know this all too well. For YEARS I struggled with dodgy digestion and while I eventually restored it to balance (so I thought), I continued to have random other symptoms seemingly unrelated to digestion show up for me and only get worse until I found myself spiraling out of control with chronic illness.  

You see, our health starts in our gut.  And if the ‘house is on fire,’ the longer it goes on, the more we risk major catastrophe in our body’s function.  Often times, with symptoms not related to digestion at all.   In fact, by the time you have ‘symptoms,’ unfortunately that means your body has been under attack for a long time.  If left unchecked, we open ourselves up to a state of dis-ease with an immune system that can no longer fight for us, and leaving us vulnerable for infections to invade.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, Darlin.  You’re aware that something is clearly not right.  You feel it in your core.  Your spidey senses are screaming at you to pay attention so here we are.   If you want to get to the bottom of this bumpy road you’ve been on, the best place to start is .. The Beginning.  Yes, your beautiful and lovely gut.  She deserves to be nurtured.  She deserves to be loved.  She deserves to be healthy so in turn, YOU can heal.  

The 5 Day Gut Challenge will give you the roadmap to a healthier and stronger gut so you can start to heal from the inside out.  Say goodbye to symptoms and hello to a happy, healthy, and sexy belly.


Gut Health Challenge

Ready to THRIVE and Say HELLO to a Healthy Balanced Body?



  1. 5 Day Gut Challenge ebook– 29 pages of expert advice on how to naturally restore your gut health with step-by-step guidelines and strategies that work!
  2.  Happy, Healthy Gut Recipe Guide –  Recipes suitable for both vegetarians and omnivores
  3. Beauty Diary– To help you track how you’re feeling on a daily basis
  4. Gut Health Toxicity Quiz– Help understand your level of toxicity so you can better tackle your steps to gut healing
  5. 5 Days of Support Emails – I’m with you every step of the way with daily inspiration to your inbox

Miss Your Former Vibrant Self?

Your gut may need some serious love. Did you know that you do not have to have digestive 'symptoms' to have dysfunction and create malfunction elsewhere in your body?

In fact, there is significant correlation between the gut and the brain. If you have been struggling for awhile and know that something is just not right, then this is for you. You deserve to feel better and not live a life in pain. I invite you to take this next step with the 5 Day Gut Health Challenge filled with delicious recipes, tips, and tricks to help you reset, reboot, love, and laugh your way to a sexy belly.

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Gut Health Challenge

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Hey there! I'm Krysten - Functional wellness practitioner (FDN-P) and holistic health coach, with a background in yoga and personal training, turned ginger on a mission TO HELP WOMEN WHO ARE STRUGGLING WITH MYSTERIOUS SYMPTOMS AND UNEXPLAINABLE FATIGUE, TO GET OUT OF PAIN AND INTO PURPOSE.

Whether you live with autoimmune or you simply do not know why you feel the way you do,  I am here to support you in decoding the root causes to activate your own healing power and reverse autoimmune disease, gut dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, and emotional trauma so you can put yourself in the driver’s seat and ‘Come Back To You.

As a free gift for stopping by, I would like to share with you a powerful gut detox challenge that won't leave you starving or snapping at innocent bystanders. On the contrary, it is easy to follow and filled with delicious recipes that you will be excited to eat.  Within just 5 days time, your gut will be in a happier place and you will be on your way to restoring balance within your beautiful body and belly. It's a journey of self discovery, love, and being a warrior for your greatest attribute... Your Health and Wellbeing. You got this, Sister.

See you on the other side.. xo

Join The 5 Day Gut Health Challenge

Enter your name and email below to take the challenge. It's free and you can start anytime.

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